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Nami Beauty hair styling academy helps you to achieve your goals by holding specialized courses and providing a valid certificate from the technical and professional organization of your country. A professional beauty salon prepares. The presence of expert instructors and experienced hairdressers in the famous beauty school is one of the main reasons for the 100% satisfaction of the students after the end of the course. If you want to learn hairdressing in a completely professional environment, contact us through the following ways.

Teaching services and hair beauty

Journal haircut


Hair Texture

Hair color



Hair service and beauty training courses are one of the most popular hairdressing training courses. Due to the need of women to have healthy and beautiful hair, you can earn a very high income by taking this course professionally. In this course, you can get to know different hair types and colors and learn magazine and fashionable haircuts. At the Nami Beauty hairdressing school, students are taught theoretically and practically all kinds of keratin methods and hair care, and the experienced hairstylists of our school provide you with all the tips and details of this art.

Teaching services and skin beauty

Skin cleansing

Skin rejuvenation

Body tattoos


Eyebrow services

Design with henna

Teaching makeup and face makeup

Face Makeup

Self make-up

Bridal makeup

In this course, students learn how to identify different types of geometric face models and choose the best type of makeup. One of the most important points that every makeup artist should know is how to use cosmetics for skin care, beauty and freshness. Bridal makeup is one of the most sensitive and at the same time the most profitable services in this sector because the stylist must implement the best makeup style with the help of all the aesthetic rules and considering the opinions of the bride. By learning self-makeup, you can also make up yourself in the best way without going to a hair salon and following the principles of make-up.

Teaching services and hair beauty




By learning nail services and combining creativity in it, you can have a steady and permanent income because the care and beauty of nails is a permanent thing. Taking care of nails does not need a special reason or occasion, and most women will visit you at least once a month to arrange their nails (manicure and pedicure), beautify them (nail design) or repair after planting. . Nami Beauty hairdressing school organizes these courses to prepare dear students for the job market in a completely specialized manner.

Teaching eyelash and eyebrow beauty

Eyebrow lift

Eyelash laminate


The beauty of eyebrows and eyelashes has a great effect on the face and making the eyes more beautiful, that’s why women pay a lot of attention to it today. The main goal of Nami Beauty hairdressing school is to teach dear students all the tips of this work to satisfy customers in the future. With the help of extension, the problem of short eyelashes is solved and with the help of lift, the falling of eyelashes is solved. By stretching the eyebrow threads upwards and arranging them in the eyebrow lift, you will bring the experience of wide, simple and natural eyebrows to the customer.